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Iliac stenosis on duplex

The non-invasive evaluation of an iliac vein stenosis remains a significant challenge. Furthermore, it is unclear which geometric configuration is the most important in causing resistance to flow. The minimum diameter has been proposed as a better index of resistance in contrast to a cross-sectional area reduction. This can be likened to a garden hose… Read More »

Trans-vaginal ultrasound

Trans-vaginal ultrasound (TVU) is a way of assessing the pelvic veins. It should be performed in women when a reflux source is suspected arising from above the sapheno-femoral junction. Approximately a sixth of women have a refluxive saphenous vein fed from above. Accurate evaluation of all reflux sources is essential to direct durable treatment options.… Read More »

Saphenous pulsation

Most patients with varicose veins and saphenous reflux have a saphenous pulse detectable by ultrasound after they have been standing for a minute. When a previously elevated leg is brought to a dependent position, reflux (continuous red) is observed with the probe over the saphenous vein. After 30 seconds or so the reflux disappears leaving… Read More »