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Customising elastic bandages

The conventional treatment for venous ulcers is with graduated compression bandages. They work by improving the calf-muscle pump and by augmenting venous tone, both which facilitate venous drainage. In an effort to standardise the degree of compression achieved, bandages have been developed with ink patterns on the surface. When stretched on a patient the patterns… Read More »

Compression and running

Though popular, the beneficial hemodynamic and performance effects of stockings in sport are controversial. Some of the evidence is discussed below. OSWALDO T CASTILHO JR Compression stockings are the universal conservative treatment option for the majority of venous disorders. Their use has been extended in sporting activities where they are growing in popularity. This is… Read More »

Cockett-I compression

The importance of the ankle region in venous disease and treatment cannot be overestimated. It bears the skin changes of pigmentation, eczema, fibrosis, lipodermatosclerosis, atrophie blanche and ulceration that defines the later stages of venous disease. It is believed that a sustained venous pressure elevation in the ankle region from venous insufficiency is the primary… Read More »

Mixed ulcers

These are ulcers situated around the gaiter area in patients with a reduced arterial inflow, quantified by a reduced ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI). This results in 2 different treatment philosophies: 1)  Treat the arterial inflow problem with angioplasty or bypass so that compression can be applied to heal the ulcer. This is sound advice but… Read More »

Inelastic compression

Inelastic compression is an alternative to the popular elastic bandages in the treatment of venous ulceration. They act by improving the efficiency of the calf muscle pump and are more comfortable for the patient. HUGO PARTSCH  Elastic bandages are widely used to treat patients with venous ulceration. However, they may cause skin damage over the… Read More »

Hydrostatic compression

This is a compression system which exerts high external pressures on the leg and is painless. The pressures achieved are much higher than those that can be obtained using stockings or bandages and are easily tolerated by the patient. The situation is similar to standing in water up to shoulder height. Whilst underwater, prominent varicose… Read More »