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Endovenous steam ablation is an emerging technique for the treatment of saphenous trunks and large varicose tributaries. It acts by denaturing the collagen and proteins in the vein wall which cause it to shrink. Each pulse of steam releases only 0.08 cc of water equivalent making the amount of haemolysis insignificant. The first 2 pulses… Read More »

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There are many different ways of treating varicose veins. These range from surgical operations to strip the refluxing saphenous trunks with phlebectomies under general anaesthesia, to endovenous procedures like foam sclerotherapy, and endovenous thermal ablation (EVTA) with laser, radiofrequency or steam using local anaesthetic. Endovenous thermal ablation is good for refluxing saphenous trunks but painful… Read More »


Superglue or N-butyl cyanoacrylate has been used for decades in treating cerebral aneurysms and vascular malformations but has only recently been promoted as a treatment for varicose veins. It works by sticking together the walls of the vein rather than destroying the endothelium. A syringe type device is used to deploy the glue along the vein segment to… Read More »